Water & Waste

Having delivered significant water and waste pipeline solutions around the Asia-Pacific region, Global Pipe is well-placed to offer high quality pipeline solutions backed up with best in class engineering support. The team has earned its reputation for excellence based on the ability to manage complex delivery logistics and back its clients and contractors with full training and support.

Pressure and gravity

Within both industry and government sectors, Global Pipe has a strong track record of successful wastewater projects, involving both gravity and pressure-based systems. In the latter, trusted and proven products are selected to ensure pressure facilities are highly durable, with minimal maintenance required.


Jacking pipeline

Pipe jacking is a trenchless pipeline installation technique, minimising surface disruption. At Global Pipe, a wide range of pressure and gravity jacking pipe products are available, all with industry leading specifications including:


Some project sites demand a high level of precision, especially in urban, industrial or residential areas. Global Pipe can supply pipeline and technical expertise with a wide variety of pipe diameters available.

Desalination processing facilities

In a project involving water, wastewater and desalination, Global Pipe can supply pipeline solutions with complex spools and deliver them ready to connect to your infrastructure. The Global Pipe team can advise and assist during the design phase to ensure accurate spool design and manage the logistics for on site delivery.

Sea water intake and outflows

Where intake and outflow systems are required, both on- and off-shore, the team offers extensive experience in delivering high-quality solutions with minimal environmental impact. Global Pipe’s specialty composite intake pipes, designed to withstand the demands of saline environments.

Waste processing facilities

In whichever context – whether industrial, government, mining or tunnelling related – water-based projects frequently require the treatment of waste products. Global Pipe provides solutions to optimise the output for either recycling or simple disposal, as best fits the project circumstances.

HRD Shaft Renovation, Manhole Rehabilitation

Manholes, chambers, pump stations and tanks

Most water and waste projects require inspection, maintenance, and monitoring facilities. Global Pipe provides an extensive range of manholes, chambers, and tanks designed to facilitate these procedures over the long-term.

Global Pipe can offer full design services to meet Australian standards and codes to but also to individually meet local and national sewer and water authority requirements.

Renovating existing manholes, shafts and structures in drainage systems can also significantly reduce cost. Global pipe have a range of modular manhole systems that can be adapted to suit any existing application.