Melbourne Water Western Treatment Plant

Head Contractor: CPB-UGL Joint Venture
Asset Owner: Melbourne Water

Project Background: The design and construction of this $127 million project at the Western Treatment Plant – a 110 km² sewage treatment plant near Werribee 30 km west of Melbourne, was carried out as a joint venture between CPB Contractors and UGL Limited (CPB UGL JV) and is estimated to be completed at the end of 2018.

An upgrade of the treatment plant was required to meet the needs of Melbourne’s expanding population. The project involved the design and construction of a new sewage treatment facility with a hydraulic capacity of 140ML/day. The new treatment facility is designed to integrate with the existing Western Treatment Plant.

Project Scope: Works included constructing an influent system which will draw influent from the 55E Lagoon system, a Nutrient Removal Plant and an effluent discharge system which will return treated effluent downstream. Global Pipe provided four packages of FW-GRP Pipe with a total length of 3km of DN600, DN750, DN900, DN1000, DN1200mm, DN1500 and DN1600 FW-GRP pipe (varying lengths up to 11.8m). Ranging in Stiffnesses and Pressure Classes up to 10 bar.

For this project, FW-GRP Pipe was used between the treatment plant and the discharge line and was laid through flow meters and four Effluent Treatment Tanks. Manhole Connectors were also supplied to this project to make the connection between the concrete structure and FW-GRP Pipe.

Project Planning:
 Global Pipe worked with CPB-UGL JV to assess the project requirements and create a seamless transition from planning and specification, to construction and project delivery. Global Pipe’s expert team studied the feasibility of the project, to determine the use of FW-GRP pipes and manholes. After reviewing the project’s specifications, Global Pipe found a solution targeted to the project and then detailed the logistical solutions which would ensure the success of the project.

Engineering and Design:
 Our highly qualified in-house team of mechanical and civil engineers provided comprehensive technical support, engineering and design services at all stages of the Western Treatment Plant project. Global Pipe is supported by the expansive engineering resources of our international manufacturers.

Global Pipe worked with CPB-UGL Joint Venture to design and specify FW-GRP pipe, including:

Manufacturing and Qualification: 
FW-GRP Pipes are certified to international standards from ISO, TUV, EN, and ISO9001. To meet these standards, stringent manufacturing inspection and testing is carried out, including raw material qualification, stiffness testing and dimensional verification.

Supply and Logistics: 
Global Pipe provided a complete transport, freight logistics and warehousing solution to supply the pipes for the project.

Project Management and Supervision:
 Global Pipe’s team of engineers provided dedicated technical support throughout the project lifecycle – ensuring engineering challenges were dealt with immediately to minimise risk and maximise peace-of-mind for all project stakeholders.

Training and Support: 
Global Pipe provided CPB-UGL JV with comprehensive product support. We provide product technical training information and manufacturer guidelines to all installers and supervisors.