Tirrawarra Pressure Oil Trunkline

Project Owner: Santos
Project Head Contractor: Broadspectrum
Project: Main Oil and Gas condensate trunk line feeding the Moomba processing plant.

In 2015 Global Pipe was selected as the sole supplier for the Tirrawarra Oil Pressure Trunk Line project located in the North fields of Moomba SA.

The project consisted of the supply of GRE high pressure pipe for the underground main trunk line feeding oil and gas condensate to the Moomba processing plant. The project consisted of 11kms of DN250 1250psi-1500psi threaded joint pipe and various elbows and flanges for direction changes and fitment to facilities.

This is one of the largest and highest pressure GRE API15HR pipe systems to be installed in Australia. The 11kms of pipe and fittings was supplied over a period of two months.


Prior to commencement Global Pipe provided training to the installation crews with over 15 specialist installers trained over multiple training sessions. The training developed the teams skills on API5B thread jointing for GRE pipe with the use of hydraulically assisted tools for joint completion, pressure testing and fittings installation.

The project was completed in Q1 2016 and the team broke an internal record with 150 joints completed in one day, which is an impressive feat for this size and pressure of pipe.