Little Springs Estate Branch Sewer


The Little Springs Branch Sewer is apart of the new development for Australian residents to be located 35km to the west of Melbournes CBD. The construction of this pipeline is on the critical path to creating a long-standing sewer network for the Western suburbs.

Project Scope:

Asset Owner: Western Water
Client: Viadux
Contractor: Califam Constructions Pty Ltd

Global Pipe worked with Viadux and Califam Constructions to assess the project requirements and create a seamless transition from planning and specification, to construction and project delivery. Global Pipe’s expert team studied the feasibility of the project, to determine the use of Fiberstrong FW-GRP Pipe. After reviewing the project’s specifications, Global Pipe found a solution targeted to the project and then detailed the logistical solutions with their partners, Viadux, which would ensure the success of the project.

Pipe Supply Scope:

398m of DN525 Fiberstrong FW-GRP Open Cut Pipe (PN1, SN10,000)

“pipe was in stock and ready to go for this project, which allowed construction to start on time”

Project Management and Supervision: Global Pipe & Viadux team of engineers will provide dedicated technical support throughout the project lifecycle – ensuring engineering challenges were dealt with immediately to minimise risk and maximise peace-of-mind for all stakeholders.