Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds – Inlet Works Upgrade – Hobas

Asset Owner: Power and Water Corporation
Contractor: BMD Constructions

Project Scope: OD924 HOBAS CC-GRP Pressure Pipe, PN10, SN10,000. Arpol couplings and pre-fabricated custom designed Hobas Spools were supplied.

Project Background:
Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds has been operating for over 40 years on the outskirts of Darwin and treats 15 million litres of wastewater a day. Works began in 2017 to upgrade the inlet works to improve efficiency and to allow the facility to operate at its original capacity. The project will cost around $16.2 million and will filter objects and rubbish from entering the wastewater ponds which can result in sewage accidentally being released into nearby waterways. The project is estimated to be completed in November 2018.

Project Planning:
Precise project planning and specification is the cornerstone of any project’s success, especially in remote locations like this. Global Pipe’s team studied the feasibility of using HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe systems with Arpol couplings and pre-fabricated Hobas Spools. They worked with BMD’s Project Engineers in order to ensure the requirements for this project were fully met.

Supply and Logistics:
Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds Inlet Works is located in Darwin in the Northern Territory where production and logistics costs for many infrastructure projects can be high due to the area’s low population and isolation from the rest of Australia. Global Pipe was able to successfully provide a complete transport, freight logistics, warehousing and distribution solution to suit this project.