Kilora Estate Sewer

Asset Owner: South East Water
Contractor: Califam Constructions
Project: In late 2014 and early 2015, the Kilora Estate Sewer was installed by Califam Constructions for South East Water. Global Pipe supplied all pipe and materials backed up with technical and logistical support. The project included approximately 2km of Hobas DN450 to DN550 pipe. Given the poor ground conditions and expectations of ground water, OD478 and OD550 HOBAS pipe were chosen specifically.

The trenchless sections, consisting of approximately 1.5km, were installed by Pezzimenti, meaning that 700 new homes within Clyde North’s new Kilora Estate (VIC) are now connected to a 13m deep branch sewer line. Despite the unpredictable ground conditions and wet weather, the sewer was constructed on time and within budget.


Photo by Utility Magazine.