Kahika Rising Main (NZ-Auckland)

Asset Owner: Watercare
Contractor: CB Civil
Kaipatiki Road, Easton Park Parade and Kahika Point Reserve.
Project Scope:  Supply 2Km of Flowtite CFW-GRP DN525, PN16, SN10,000 pipe to upgrade an existing 50-year-old sewer rising main.

Project Background:
The existing Kahika rising main has been in service for more than 50 years. Since 2017, four significant failures of the existing branch sewer rising main have occurred and as a result it has been identified as a high priority for replacement.

Project Description/ Planning:
The upgrade will include a new 2km wastewater pipeline starting at Kahika Point Reserve Pump Station connecting to the existing Kahika branch wastewater line.
Once complete, this project will contribute towards reducing wastewater overflows and discharges into the Kaipatiki Creek. It will also improve access to the rising main to support ongoing maintenance.

Engineering & Design
Our highly qualified in-house team of mechanical and civil engineers will provide comprehensive technical support, engineering and design services at all stages of the Kahika Rising Main

Manufacturing and Qualification
Flowtite Pipe Systems are certified to Australian and International standards from AS, ISO, TUV, EN, and ISO9001. To meet these standards, stringent manufacturing inspection and testing were carried out, including raw material qualification, stiffness testing and dimensional verification.

Supply & Logistics
Global Pipe provided a complete transport, freight logistics, warehousing and distribution solution to supply Flowtite products.  Due to the location of our factory in Adelaide and the project in NZ,  Global Pipe along with our supply partners, Viadux, came up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution being rail freight from SA-VIC, Ocean freight from VIC-NZ and semi-trailer freight from NZ port-Kahika.

Project Management and Supervision
Global Pipe’s team of engineers along with the support of the New Zealand Viadux sales team will provide dedicated technical support throughout the project lifecycle – ensuring engineering & project challenges are dealt with immediately to minimise risk and maximise peace-of-mind for all stakeholders.

Training and Support
Global Pipe provided CB Civil with comprehensive product support and technical training information to installers and project supervisors. Global Pipe is also supported by the expansive engineering resources of our manufacturers – Flowtite.