Inpex Ichthys LNG Project NT 2016


Project Owner: INPEX
Project Head Contractor: JKC (JV)
Project: Major gas processing and compressor facility in NT gathering gas from the Timor Sea gas fields.

The Ichthys LNG Project is currently ranked among the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. The Project is a Joint Venture between INPEX group companies, major partner Total, CPC Corporation Taiwan and the Australian subsidiaries of  Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Kansai Electric Power, JERA and Toho Gas.

In 2013 Global Pipe was selected as the sole supplier of GRE pipe for the Inpex Ichtys project located in the east coast of Darwin Harbour in NT.

The project consisted of the facilities underground pipe network and ranged from DN25mm GRE up to DN900 GRE bonded joint pressure pipe and also DN1000 up to DN1800 laminated joint GRV pressure pipe.

The project was supplied over a period of 18 months with over 19kms of pipe and 100s of fittings including special fittings custom designed and manufactured for the project.

Prior to commencement Global Pipe provided training to the installation crews with over 20 specialist installers trained over multiple training sessions. With 6 different jointing techniques for the various pipe types and installation requirements made this one of the most skilled crews in Australia for fiberglass pipe installation.

The project has been running for 3 years with final completion expected by the end of 2016.