Hopkins Road Branch Sewer


The Hopkins Road Branch Sewer is currently being constructed in preparation of one of the biggest growth suburbs of Melbourne Victoria, Mt Atkinson, the new master-planned community of Mt Atkinson will deliver a vibrant suburb of unprecedented scale, 23kms from Melbourne’s CBD. The new community will bring schools, employment, shopping, green spaces, freeways, and public transport with a proposed future railway station to the state of Victoria.

Project Scope:

Asset Owner: Western Water
Client: Viadux
Contractor: Califam Constructions Pty Ltd

Global Pipe worked with Viadux and Califam Constructions to assess the project requirements and create a seamless transition from planning and specification, to construction and project delivery. Global Pipe’s expert team studied the feasibility of the project, to determine the use of Fiberstrong FW-GRP Pipe. After reviewing the project’s specifications, Global Pipe found a solution targeted to the project and then detailed the logistical solutions with their parnters, Viadux, which would ensure the success of the project.

Pipe Supply Scope:

593m of DN600 Fiberstrong FW-GRP Open Cut Pipe (PN1, SN10,000)
1289m of DN525 Fiberstrong FW-GRP Open Cut Pipe (PN1, SN10,000)
777m of DN450 Fiberstrong FW-GRP Open Cut Pipe (PN1, SN10,000)

“Great service from the Global & Viadux team, pipes delivered on time”

Project Management and Supervision: Global Pipe & Viadux team of engineers will provide dedicated technical support throughout the project lifecycle – ensuring engineering challenges were dealt with immediately to minimise risk and maximise peace-of-mind for all stakeholders.