Donnybrook Branch Sewer HOBAS Vortex Manhole


YVW “The new pipe is being constructed along Donnybrook Road, between the Melbourne to Sydney railway line and the future Koukoura Drive (located in 1145 Donnybrook Road), within a future ‘services corridor’ in which other utility services will eventually be located. Construction will occur on both sides of Donnybrook Road, with most of the pipe alignment being on the north side of Donnybrook Road. Our pipe alignment will pass through land that is currently privately-owned or developer-owned.”

Project Scope:

Asset Owner: Yarra Valley Water

Client: Viadux

Contractor: Califam Constructions Pty Ltd

Donnybrook Road East Branch Sewer Package 1

Design Information: DRE-1 GRP Vortex Manhole

HOBAS Maintenance Holes create a complete uncompromising system of the highest quality and meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications.

HOBAS CC-GRP Maintenance Holes provide Water Authorities with significant safety and long-term benefits, including:

Reduced OHS Risk

Other Benefits

Sulphur Dioxide resistant – HOBAS manholes provide resistance against a wide range of chemicals including sulphur dioxide.