Calleya Residential Estate, Treeby, Western Australia

$20,000,000 in overall project savings using a Hobas NC GRP system.

Global Pipe’s successful engineering solution for this large-scale open trench drainage project in Perth resulted in $20,000,000 of overall project savings.

Project Background: The Calleya Residential Estate is a 145 Hectare Stockland housing development in the Western Perth suburb of Treeby – formerly known as Banjup.  The new estate will bring 1800 new homes to the area which is in a key growth corridor of the Perth suburbs.

The delivery and installation of Non-Circular (NC) Profile Pipe also know as Ovoid is unique and is not often used in Australia. It is typically used for rehabilitating and relining old brick sewers. Planning the urbanisation of the Calleya Residential Estate site presented many environmental challenges.

The site was formerly a sand quarry and due to years of sand mining was significantly lower than the surrounding area – no overland flow path was available and the site was cut off from previous drains and a nearby lake. To overcome the site’s various environmental challenges, NC GRP was specified in conjunction with a stormwater treatment train to manage sediments entering the trunk drain.

Hydraulic testing confirmed that NC pipe has many benefits, such as improved low flow velocity, and it can be laid at flatter gradients than an equivalent circular pipe and still achieve the required minimum flow rate required for pipes to be self-cleansing. The use of NC GRP in this project was also the most cost-efficient solution as less filling and earth moving was required.

The non-circular pipe solution allowed the following benefits:

Contractor: Georgiou Group
Asset Owner: Water Corporation WA
Project Scope: Global Pipe HOBAS NC-GRP (Non-Circular GRP) including 625m of ovoid DN 750/ 500 and 600m of ovoid DN 600/400. HOBAS NC-GRP 

Project Planning:
Global Pipe worked with Georgiou Group and Engineers to assess the project requirements and create a seamless transition from planning and specification, to construction and project delivery. Global Pipe’s expert team studied the feasibility of the project, to determine the use of HOBAS NC GRP Pipe systems. After reviewing the project’s specifications, Global Pipe found a solution targeted to the project and then detailed the logistical solutions which would ensure the success of the project.
Engineering and Design:
Our highly qualified in-house team of mechanical and civil engineers provided comprehensive technical support, engineering and design services at all stages of the Calleya Residential Estate project. Global Pipe is supported by the expansive engineering resources of our international manufacturers HOBAS.
Manufacturing and Qualification:
HOBAS NC Line Pipes are certified to international standards from ISO, TUV, EN, and ISO9001. To meet these standards, stringent manufacturing inspection and testing is carried out, including raw material qualification, stiffness testing and dimensional verification.
Supply and Logistics:
Global Pipe provided a complete transport, freight logistics, warehousing and distribution solution to supply the NC Pipes. The Calleya Residential Estate site is located south of Perth –the timely transport and delivery of pipes were critical.
Project Management and Supervision:
Global Pipe’s team of engineers provided dedicated technical support throughout the project lifecycle – ensuring engineering challenges were dealt with immediately to minimise risk and maximise peace-of-mind for all project stakeholders.
Training and Support:
Global Pipe provided Georgiou Group with comprehensive product support. We provided product technical training information and manufacturer guidelines to installers and supervisors.