GRP Non-Circular Systems


It all began quite modestly at the Basle Dye Works in 1957 where wooden cylinders were employed for the dyeing process. These kept splintering and deforming after some time putting the expensive textiles at risk. Seeking a suitable replacement for the cylinders, the factory’s engineers developed a centrifugal casting method using glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). Thanks to the method and material, they achieved perfectly concentric cylinders with a precise outer diameter and smooth surface – just as required.

GRP had previously been used for shipbuilding, automobile and aircraft industry. However, its resistance to both corrosion and chemicals also made the material highly suitable for other applications. The Swiss, renowned for their vision and pioneering spirit, recognized its benefits and soon employed centrifugally cast pipes for conveying water – a new company was born: Hobas. The pipes laid at these early times are still in use today. Step by step, the products were improved, the manufacturing process was automated, the product range extended, and tailor-made fittings were added to the portfolio.

Non-Circular (NC) Pipe

Non-Circular, Oviform & Ovoid Pipe Systems

NC (non circular pipe) Line pipes are made of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) and designed for constructing or rehabilitating non-circular sewers. The NC Line pipe offers an ideal and cost effective solution for non-circular sewer rehabilitation. These special pipes can be made to fit inside the old sewer and can be made in virtually any shape.
The NC Line pipe provides a fast, structural solution to sewer rehab. The pipe are installed using a simple push-to-fit EDPM rubber ring joint. In many cases, the flow and capacity of the sewer is improved due to the increased hydraulic efficiency of the GRP.