FW-GRP Pipe Systems

Blue Tongue™ GRP Pipe Systems is a leading provider of high-quality pipe solutions for complex oil and gas, industrial, water and infrastructure projects in Australia and overseas.

Blue Tongue™ large bore glass reinforced polymer (GRP) pipe systems have been successfully installed in sewer mains, water mains, treatment plants, desalination plants, power stations and liquefied natural gas terminals in Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, China and Sudan.

Manufactured to the highest international standards by CNBM - a Fortune 500 company - Blue Tongue™ GRP Pipe Systems products undergo rigorous testing and certification, and are engineered to operate successfully in the most demanding environments.


Blue Tongue™ Pipe Systems manufacture technically advanced large bore engineered glass-reinforced polymer (GRP) pipe, joints, couplings, saddles and a wide variety of fittings and accessories for almost all pipe applications.


The Blue Tongue™ GRP pipe range includes outside diameters that conform to the requirements of the AS/NZS 3571.2 which are typically compatible with the external diameter dimensions of ductile iron pipe and fittings for pressure applications to AS/NZS 2280.

For projects requiring custom diameter pipes, please contact Blue Tongue™.


Blue Tongue™ joints and couplings are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standard as our GRP pipes.

Fitted with high-quality EPDM gaskets, Blue Tongue joints have outstanding sealing properties and excellent temperature stability. In addition, all pipe joints and couplings are wear and UV resistant.

Joint types available include:


Blue Tongue GRP piping systems are designed to accommodate branches using saddle pieces of various sizes with both 90º and 45º options available. Blue Tongue saddles are flexible in application, and may be used to join a GRP main to another GRP, clay or PVC branch pipe. It should also be noted that saddle dimensions may vary from application to application, based on international standards.


In addition to all standard fittings, custom-designed products can also be produced cost-effectively in order to meet individual project requirements.

Our fittings range includes:


Advanced corrosion resistance properties, precision sealability and easier installation mean

Blue Tongue™ Pipe Systems provide cost-effective performance over the lifetime of a project.


Light weight

Standard lengths

(3, 6, 11.8 metres)

Extremely smooth bore

Precision sealability

Customised manufacturing

Hi-tech pipe design

Blue Tongue Pipe
  • Processing Lines
  • Gravity Pipe FW
  • Firefighting Systems
  • Flow and Gathering Lines
  • Well Tubing and Casing
  • Drill Coring Tubes
  • Transmission Lines
  • Pressure Pipe FW