CFW-GRP Pipe Systems

Flowtite®, one of the world’s largest pipe manufacturers, produces pipes using wound filament technology. This creates structurally superior pipes at a lower cost, which are suitable for pressure and non-pressure applications.

Flowtite® filament wound pipes are built as a structural sandwich, using resin, glass fibers and silica sand. The high-strength continuous glass fibers resist stresses from internal pressure, provide optimal bending stiffness and have excellent resistance to axial stresses, and damage from impact, and handling. reinforced silica-filled core to provide optimal bending stiffness. Flowtite products include:

Why Flowtite



Flowtite Sewer Pipe

Filament wound Flowtite pipe designed for exceptional acid resistance. Typically used for sewer and stormwater applications. Water jetting resistant according to DIN 19523.

Diameter range (DN) 300-1,200 mm
Pressure (PN) 1 bar
Nominal lengths 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN) 10,000 N/m²