Oil & Gas

Global Pipe’s expertise encompasses large-scale oil and gas projects, both within Australia and overseas. The approach combines proven product solutions with full logistical support to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Well tubing and casing

With a long history of involvement in oil and gas transmission projects, Global Pipe is one of the region’s leaders in casing and tubing products. The team provides a wealth of experience in product selection, with a range of highly stable tubing, casings and fittings selected to meet industry standards for pressure and temperature ratings.

Flow and gathering lines

Getting oil and gas from wellhead to distribution point is one of Global Pipe’s areas of expertise, including the design, mapping and supply of gathering lines in both urban and remote areas. Global Pipe’s products are designed for maximum leak, corrosion and damage-resistance to suit flammable materials under either low or high pressure.

Transmission lines

No matter how large or small your project, Global Pipe’s team applies extensive experience in moving materials from A to B. Choose from a wide range of products designed for the bulk transmission of petroleum, crude oil, and natural gas, as well as water and brine.


Processing and compression facilities

As an integral part of the production and transmission of oil and gas, Global Pipe offer state of the art products for the processing and separation of petroleum based products. This expertise encompasses the design phase with expert product guidance, training and supervision of contractors during the installation phase.

Exploration drill coring tubes

Exploration drilling requires specialist tubing products, tailored to the site and the situation at hand. Global Pipe combines an extensive range of products with comprehensive technical know-how to ensure the perfect solution for every drilling project.

Firefighting systems

At any oil and gas collection site, fire protection is essential. Global Pipe supplies a range of leading fire suppression systems which instantly activate should a fire occur, protecting against equipment and environmental damage, and ensuring the safety of individuals on-site.