Werribee North prefabricated maintenance hole trial success

Global Pipe recently completed a very successful prefabricated maintenance hole installation for the Werribee North main sewer.

City West Water engaged Global Pipe to supply a prefabricated GRP maintenance access point for the Werribee North Main Sewer-Leakes RD Section 1 Project.

Contractor – Califam Construction Pty Ltd
Consultant – Dennis, Price & Miller Pty Ltd
Supplier – Global Pipe Australia Pty Ltd

Global Pipe’s operations and engineering team managed the logistics of product delivery in a container and were on hand to work with the contractor on installation day. The main advantage with a prefabricated solution is that it can be installed in less than one working day.


Forklift is used to remove Maintenance Hole base. Two Califam spotters to ensure no damage to top, bottom and sides.


Second segment is protected with airbags, deflate airbags so shaft can be removed. Hook straps into lifting eye holes. Ladder supplied loose, bottom right of photo.


Connect straps to forklift jib and slowly remove shaft while spotters ensure safe removal.


Maintenance Hole components ready to go.


Base of maintenance holes lowered into place, ground prepared using crushed rock bedding material.


Backfilling and ladder installation complete for the base section of the maintenance hole, leaving installation ready for second segment of a 6m shaft.


Lowering of 6m shaft into position.


Inside maintenance hole fixing ladder to base segment. Leaving structure ready for final segment.


Backfill soil dropped off. Using the excavator the backfill is layered as per the Manufacturer Installation Guidelines and leveled using a compaction plate


Inspecting joint connection, fixing ladder to second segment.


Final shaft piece in place without any difficulties, protective shields removed and backfill as per manufacture guidelines.