Challenged by some of the toughest conditions in the Asia Pacific region, pipeline projects in the mining sector often demand a combination of expertise and lateral thinking. Global Pipe provides both, with proven solutions for extraction, transmission and processing, as well as an experienced specialty team.


Where conditions demand the removal of groundwater or another form of dewatering, Global Pipe has a range of proven solutions. The team can facilitate the design and construction of wells, horizontal drainage, and centrifugal separation systems to suit the task at hand.

Processing facilities

Global Pipe can provide a full range of processing facilities to suit all types of ore, including separation and dewatering processes. The team’s solutions are world-leading and designed to solve challenges quickly and efficiently.

Bore water extraction

Deep well mining sites require the efficient and reliable control of groundwater. Global Pipe offers a range of high-quality components with proven performance in the toughest conditions, including well casing pipes, screens, plugs, caps and accessories.

Exploration drill coring tubes

Exploration drilling requires specialist tubing products, tailored to the site and the situation at hand. Global Pipe combines an extensive range of products with deep technical know-how to ensure the perfect solution for every drilling project.

Flow, gathering and transmission lines

Global Pipe can design, map and supply gathering and transmission lines in both urban and remote areas. These systems are designed for maximum leak, corrosion and damage-resistance, to suit flammable materials under either low or high pressure.

Fire fighting systems

Fire protection is an essential component at any mine site. Global Pipe supplies a range of leading fire suppression systems which instantly activate should a fire occur, protecting against equipment and environmental damage, and ensuring the safety of individuals on-site.

Well tubing for chemical injection and extraction

Mining projects involving the extraction of oil and gas require high-performance well tubing systems. Global Pipe leads the way in supplying state-of-the-art tubing technology, including injection-extraction systems designed to optimise efficiency.

Slurry and tailings

Every mining project has distinct waste removal needs, and Global Pipe offers extensive experience in designing systems to suit. We create tailored solutions for slurry, tailings and general waste disposal based on a range of pipe products with proven durability over the long term.