With a long track record in successful hydropower projects, Global Pipe's partners are experts in the design, procurement and delivery of large-scale water transmission pipelines. The team’s expertise encompasses project development, product supply and designplant rehabilitation, retrofit and upgrade, as well as regulatory and compliance solutions.

Remote and challenging sites

Hydro projects are frequently located in remote areas or difficult environments. With extensive experience working on challenging projects throughout the region, including hilly, rocky and difficult to access sites, Global Pipe is well-placed to provide a comprehensive range of suitable products, design support and full logistical backup even where conditions are less than ideal.

Design, engineering and construction

With experience across the full the project lifecycle, Global Pipe’s team brings a complete package of design expertise, assistance with feasibility studies and FEA modelling along with training and supervision of contractors and installers during the build process.


Presenting unique hazards, hydropower projects require specialist safety assessment. Global Pipe’s expertise spans safety and emergency design, risk management, upgrades and maintenance, evacuation modelling, flood protection, valves and gates, fire protection and ventilation.


Global Pipe’s expertise continues through the project lifecycle to the start-up stage, including plant inspection and testing, operations and maintenance support, and staff training.