HOBAS CC-GRP Manholes impress Yarra Valley Water.

Recent successful Global Pipe projects using HOBAS CC-GRP Pre-fabricated Manholes have sparked interest from Melbourne Retail Water Authorities. In September, representatives from Yarra Valley Water’s Sewerage Planning and Project Management departments, and designers from Jacobs attended a site visit at the Werribee North Outlet Sewer to see the successful installation of HOBAS Pre-fabricated Manholes. The purpose of the inspection was to gain a better understanding of how the manholes are installed from a technical point of view and to witness any complications that arise while the installation contractors were on site.

Global Pipe has delivered significant cost reductions as well as faster installation times with HOBAS CC-GRP Pre-fabricated Manholes. City West Water have been able to take advantage of this technology during their rapid expansion of the sewerage network to accommodate new housing developments in Melbourne’s west.

The project was originally designed to use concrete manholes. This has been a standard practice for the past few decades. Global Pipe’s team of engineers assisted Califam Constructions and City West Water by converting the project design to utilise HOBAS CC-GRP Pre-fabricated Manholes.

Project Planning and Engineering:

Global Pipe provide the below as a part of our complete supply solution for HOBAS CC-GRP pre-fabricated Manholes:

Project Owner
: City West Water
Project Head Contractor: Califam Constructions
Project:  Werribee North Outlet Sewer
Supply of 10 HOBAS Pre-fabricated CC-GRP manholes & 2km OD 1229 HOBAS CC-GRP PN1 Open Cut Pipe