Arpol Couplings now WSAA certified for Water and Sewerage Supply Applications

The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is the industry body that represents the urban water sector. WSAA provides water and sewerage services to over 24 million customers in Australia and New Zealand and many of Australia’s largest industrial and commercial enterprises.

WSSA has introduced a voluntary scheme that appraises and certifies products used in urban water and sewerage applications. Manufacturers, suppliers, importers and distributors or agents can have a product’s materials, technical characteristics and production processes assessed by the WSSA – their certification ensures consistent standards across the whole water industry. The scheme was developed in conjunction with the water industry and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of urban water businesses and specialists in the field.

Global Pipe is pleased to announce that ARPOL Couplings have achieved WSAA Certification for a range of their flexible steel couplings: the ARPOL Instal series – flexible couplings for pipe connections, and the ARPOL Rep series – flexible couplings for pipe repair.

Uniones Arpol SA, is the manufacturer of ARPOL stainless steel flexible couplings. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company commenced operations in 1976 as a family business and has grown to become an internationally recognised leader in the production of couplings servicing pipelines for the water, chemical, power, construction, mining, domestic and bottling sectors. ARPOL INSTAL and REP couplings are ideal for connecting and repairing ductile cast iron pipes, carbon steel, PVC, PE, GRP, fibre cement and concrete.

The WSAA certification states that ARPOL stainless steel flexible unrestrained couplings are manufactured to meet the requirements of WSA PS 285 – Flexible stainless-steel couplings, restrained and non-restrained joints with testing completed in accordance with the principles of ASTM F 1476:07 (2019) Standard specification for performance of gasketed mechanical couplings for use in piping applications.

The couplings submitted for appraisal are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel casings, components and fasteners and incorporate an EPDM sealing gasket suitable for pressure and non-pressure applications for water supply and sewerage, with the following attributes:

• Sizes range: DN 150 to DN 1200

• Standard widths: 95, 140, 200 and 300mm

• Quality: W5 (AISI 316)

• Sealing sleeves in EPDM (both for supply and sanitation applications)

• Allowable Operating Pressures: PN4 to PN35

PN16 is recommended for reticulation pressure applications however couplings can be specifically supplied to suit other pressure applications by varying the body wall thickness, width of coupling and number of bolts.


Arpol Couplings