About Global Pipe

Your total pipeline and project supply solution, from start to finish.

At Global Pipe we have the knowledge, technical expertise and proven track record in delivering superior pipe and tunnelling solutions to large-scale infrastructure and pipeline projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.



We understand that precise project planning and specification not only saves time and money, it also minimises risk and provides superior value to the asset owner. We work side by side with planners and specifiers to assess your project requirements and create a seamless transition from planning and specification, to design and project delivery.

Global Pipe’s expert team will study the feasibility of your project, review specifications, help to solve technical problems and provide targeted product and logistical solutions to ensure your project is a success.


Our highly qualified in-house team of mechanical and civil engineers provide comprehensive technical support, engineering and design services and are supported by the expansive engineering resources of our international manufacturers.

We offer a full range of engineering and design services including:

Global Pipe engineer solutions to solve your project’s challenges, tailored to your specifications and satisfying applicable standards and codes.


At Global Pipe, we source high quality products from world-renowned manufacturers and assure consistency of supply at every stage of a project. Global Pipe selects the most suitable manufacturer, facility and production process and facilitates third-party quality inspection to provide the best outcome for your project.

Our manufacturers are certified to international standards from AS/NZS, TUV, API, DEP, EN, BS and ISO9001, applying stringent manufacturing inspection and testing, including:

We provide you with strict confidential control of your project documentation, drawings and specifications, and a traceable, auditable product lifecycle record with supporting test records and product certifications.


In complex and often remote engineering projects and when urgent sourcing of products is required, the efficient and timely flow of materials is critical. Global Pipe provides complete transport, freight logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions to suit each project – no matter where they are located.

Our third-party warehousing facilities across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region provide easy access to products where and when required, helping to avoid costly delays.

Global Pipe works with your team to ensure timely deliveries to match your construction programming, arranging factory production scheduling, shipping routing, facilitating customs clearance, handling foreign exchange, offering warehousing and staging areas locally and internationally, with flexible delivery and unloading options.

Global Pipe’s expertise in distribution management ensures a project’s supply chain runs smoothly from initial order to manufacture, delivery and installation.


Large and complex projects require dedicated professional project management and supervision to ensure coordination of resources, sequencing of deliveries, quality assurance, and occupational safety.

Global Pipe’s team of project managers and engineers provide dedicated project oversight and on-site technical support throughout the project lifecycle – minimising risk and maximising peace-of-mind.

Global Pipe’s project governance management framework ensures accountability and responsibility at all stages of a project. Proactive risk and quality management coupled with extensive review and reporting processes enable clear communication to relevant project stakeholders.


Global Pipe offers our customers comprehensive training and ongoing product support. We offer product technical training and manufacturer certification for designers, installers and supervisors at your office, on-site, or at our local and international training facilities.