HOBAS is member of the Wietersdorfer Group and is the developer and world leading manufacturer of centrifugally cast glass reinforced plastic pipe (CC-GRP). Established in 1957, HOBAS is
headquartered in Austria and has 35 offices around the world.

HOBAS products are manufactured using patented technology, and can be installed by a variety of methods including open trench, jacking, micro tunnelling, sliplining and above ground installation.

HOBAS pipes have a 100+ year service life, smooth surfaces, superior coupling seals, high flow rates, high compressive strength, high strength to weight ratio and are resistant to UV, sulphur dioxide and corrosion. HOBAS have in-house pipe research and development facilities to ensure products achieve ISO 17025 / TUV accreditation, raw materials qualification and long-term durability standards.

HOBAS CC-GRP pipe systems are manufactured in Germany and include: